what you should consider when deciding on a commercial kitchen for you!
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A successful commercial kitchen has a set of demands without which it wouldn’t deliver its fullest. If you are wondering what things are necessary and what not, here is a list to which you can refer before you make some decisions for your kitchen.

Things to consider:

· Size of the kitchen:

The first thing on your mind should be the space and layout of the commercial kitchen. Both these things depend on the size of the restaurant as well as the menu it’s offering. A food place serving large number of people demands a large sized kitchen with great number of stations where the staff could work.

· Staff to be hired:

The thing second in line to be considered is the number of staff you are going to hire. There is an obvious demand of a head chef and a team of expert chefs with which the head chef can work and deliver quality cuisine.

· Equipment and storage section:

Cooking tasty dishes require perfect equipments, spices, meat, dairy products and fresh vegetables and fruits. The chain of transport of raw material to cook food should be decided. Cold storage should be given special attention and ventilation of the kitchen must be maintained. The people who design these also offer roofers Birmingham services.

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